Why Louis Chenevert is an Unforgettable Figure at UTC

A renowned figure who is among the people who contributed towards the success of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is Louis Chenevert. The remarkable leader who was born in Quebec is known for his selflessness and ambitious strategies towards UTC. With a background in production management, his policies helped in making United Technologies Corporation one of the leading manufacturers of helicopters, HVAC and security systems internationally.
One of the things Louis Chenevert did while at UTC is encouraging his employees to take advantage of the Employee Scholar Program. He believed that the employees who were interested in furthering their studies would be more productive and more skilled which would be a big win for the company.
Goodrich Company was one company UTC had been eyeing for a while and negotiations lasted for over a year until they finally agreed to the acquisition deal. Both companies sealed the agreement on a final offer of $18.4 billion. That was during Louis’ tenure where he was the CEO of UTC, and this was considered to be among the biggest deals in the US.
Before joining UTC, he had previously worked at General Motors where he was the Production General Manager.
When he started off at UTC, there was the recession in the US, but amidst all that, UTC still survived. With time, the share price rose significantly. His great leadership style enabled UTC to become a continuous manufacturer of unique jet engines. What makes UTC exceptional even up-to-date is the fact that they understand that technology is a driving force of the future. Therefore, they use the most advanced technology to come up with their products which is why it’s one of the leading manufacturers of jet engines in the world.
Louis Chenevert in 2009 was awarded the National Building Museum Award. The year 2011 also saw him named as the person of the year by Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine. He has also received other recognition and awards. This shows how much his contributions to UTC were instrumental to its growth. He still is a force to be reckoned with as far as UTC is concerned.

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