Waiakea Water Using First Fully-Degradable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 by a then-22-year-old entrepreneur named Ryan Emmons. This company takes pure Hawaiian volcanic water from Mauna Loa Volcano’s pristine snowy peak. This is where rain and melted snow water are used after the water travels through the thick volcanic rock. During this travel, the water picks up healthy and rich minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium all good for nails, bones, hair and skin. This young business genius built his company based on his perceived need to give buyers what they want to drink most pure, mineral-enriched water packed in bottles that are better for the earth’s environment.

The secret to Waiakea Water‘s amazing new bottle design lies in their innovative scientific research into the polymers that make up plastic. They have found a way to change the bonds of these polymers, actually making them weaker. This is far different than previous research that focused on making the polymers stronger. The company has patented their process, and they have developed a plastic bottle that is strong enough for packaging purposes, yet will begin to disintegrate to wax much quicker than the natural process that used to take at least a thousand years.

Ryan Emmons has succeeded where much older aged business owners have failed. This revolutionary new bottle has the potential to completely change how companies package their products for years into the future. His company has grown an astonishing 4000 percent in just three years. Clearly, this young founder of Waiakea Water has certainly made an impressive mark in packaging technology. His company now has an estimated value of a whopping $10 million. The company has surpassed the expectations of many, and Ryan Emmons is now a leader in the beverage business world.

This young genius is giving consumers a healthy beverage, with substantial health benefits, packaged in sturdy bottles that are better for the environment that most plastic containers today. The company uses its TimePlast nano-additive to reduce their plastic bottles’ lifespan from around 1,500 years down to a much smaller 15 years. Emmons is now highly respected.