OSI Food Solutions Doubles Its Chicken Production Capacity

World’s leading supplier of quality value-added food products, OSI Food Solutions intends to double its chicken production capacity to the meet the soaring demand for chicken products worldwide. Started in 1906, the food company has for many decades been supplying food products to some of the leading retail and food service brands in the world. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and it presently has more than 65 food processing plants across the world. It is ranked among the largest privately-owned firms in the US.

The firm intends to take advantage of the increasing demand for various chicken products by doubling its chicken production as well as production capacity. Currently, some of its chicken products such as nuggets and patties are offered by many leading fast food chains across the globe. McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Burger King are some of its leading clients.

As an effort to boost its presence in Europe, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Food, a Dutch-based firm that has been providing a wide array of deli meats and convenience foods in Europe. Baho Food also has several food processing plants and subsidiaries in Germany. With its acquisition of the Dutch-based company, which took place two years ago, the firm is now well positioned to meet its clients’ needs in various European markets. The firm also seeks to venture into 20 other European nations.

This year, the firm completed a historic merger with an Australian poultry processor , Turi Foods, which is presently known as The Turosi Pty Ltd after the acquisition The two firms will now be supplying fast-service restaurants, retail outlets, and food service markets throughout the Asian Pacific region with quality food solutions to meet consumer’s needs. The Chairman of Turi Foods, Sam Cuteri, noted that Turi Foods was delighted to have the dedicated teams of the two firms serve the increasing number of clients in Australia. Already the firm has several processing facilities in Victoria and across Australia.


With its plans to increase its chicken production capacity, then OSI Food Solutions is ultimately set to be the leading supplier and processor. It will further enhance its capacity to meet the global market with high-quality poultry products.


Roseann Bennett Well-Known Family Therapist Based in New Jersey

One of the top mental health experts and therapists in New Jersey is Roseann Bennett. She has more than ten years of experience as in-home therapists and currently runs Centers for Assessment and Treatment as its executive director, and which she co-founded as well. As an in-home therapist in New Jersey, Roseann Bennett helped many people from different backgrounds and professions to get things back together and revive their life. It is essential that people who are suffering from any mental health disorder or illness do not ignore it and visit a therapist immediately. When a mental health problem is left to grow untreated, it can grow to become much more significant over time.


Roseann Bennett is also a well-known family therapist and helps the family members to see the primary reason behind the rift and where the problem lies. Roseann believes that the family differences are most of the time easily resolvable, but their ego so binds most of the people that they refuse to come out of their comfort zone to accept their mistake or listen to the other side of the story. It is this bridge that Roseann Bennett helps the family members to cross with ease. Over the years, she has been able to revive many relationships and unite many families through her comprehensive and holistic approach. Go Here for related Information.


Roseann Bennett has helped in building Center for Assessment and Treatment into what it has become today, a go-to place for any kind of mental health illness in New Jersey. It is a non-profit charitable organization that helps the patients from the marginalized and minority communities, and from the low-income families. Roseann Bennett derives much pleasure from helping the people in need and has helped hundreds of individuals over the years without any charge. She continues to be a popular name in the world of family and individual therapy in the United States.


Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2018/05/roseann-bennett-center-assessment-treatment-qa/


Vinod Gupta: Self-Made

Individuals who possess a true entrepreneurial spirit are inspired by the success stories of those who start life from humble beginnings to become industry titans. Vinod Gupta is a true successful businessman who worked to become the successful billionaire he is today.


Not only is he humble, Vinod Gupta believes in giving back to worthy causes such as education. His father was his tutor when he wasn’t too busy and helped him understand the value of an education at an early age. Gupta believed that it was education that played a significant role in his upbringing. Gupta has given part of his net worth to building schools and created fellowships for future students who aspire to take part in science and business fields.


Upon completing his education, he became employed in a manufacturing company. After shortly realizing there was no demand from other national businesses to purchase the company’s product, Gupta set out to create such a database. This required an initial $100-dollar loan and would plant the seeds to become his very first business; Business Research Services and American Business Lists (ABI). He sold the company for an impressive sum of $680 million. Gupta says that the demand for database technology has exploded due to the technology boom experienced across the globe over the past few years.


Vinod Gupta tends to focus more on the long-term success of his businesses and leaves daily operational needs to individuals vigorously involved in the management of these tasks. Gupta believes individuals who play a key role in the long-term success of a company should be rewarded for attributes such as solid work ethic, loyalty and dedication.


Gupta advices business minded individuals to stay within specific areas that they are passionate about and to realize that they must take certain risks but to be able to do a cost-benefit analysis of the risk they are taking. Visit This Page to learn more about Vinod Gupta.


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The AvaTrade Review that has brought good profits to the company

AvaTrade is a leading Forex broker that has grown over the years to open branches in other parts of the world. AvaTrade is owned by the AVA Group of companies and operates in Australia, Japan, South Africa, Ireland and the British Virgin Island. AvaTrade was established in 2006 and has been operating as an online Forex broker with a good reputation from the subscribers. Some of the facts that make the company more profitable and outstanding in most parts of the country include regulations and reputation. AvaTrade maintains a good working relationship because it’s being regulated with many authorities globally. This has greatly increased its credibility and trustworthiness. For instance, in Europe, AvaTrade is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland. In Australia, the company is regulated by ASIC and in Japan, it’s regulated by FSA.

AvaTrade has invested in the best practices that have brought good tidings to the company. The company prides itself on being a reputable and reliable company. As such, they have won numerous prizes including best alert system, best customer support, best financial derivative trading provider. It has established different types of trading platforms that have been instrumental in its growth. AvaTrade has also developed ways of attracting people from different segments of life. As a result, they have established two types of accounts that one can open depending on the level of income. For instance, we have a standard account which is opened with a minimum of $100 while a demo account is opened with $500.

AvaTrade has also invested a lot in the promotion and bonuses which are offered to customers once you sign up. Others run depending on the amount of money used in trading and they are normally paid at the end of each year. For new members who use referrals to sign up, they are entitled to a bonus of $75 to $400. The company provides the clients with different arrays of trade where clients can choose to invest in cryptocurrencies, Forex or bonds, and stocks. Through a robust customer support center, AvaTrade uses different communication channels and dialects to address different types of clients.

Dr Mark Mofid: the plastic surgeon who revolutionised butt implant surgery

Dr Mark Mofid, a plastic surgeon, is based in La Jolla area of California and San Diego. He received certification from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr Mark got his fellowship and medical training from Johns Hopkins University Medical School. The surgeon graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University after completing his undergraduate studies.

The impressive educational background affords Mofid the best training to perform latest procedures. He is a staff surgeon in local hospitals including Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center, and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and has his private practice.


Dr Mark Mofid is not only board certified but also a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and fellow at the American College of Surgeons.in his private practice; he has hired highly-trained professionals including a nurse, dermatologist and efficient office employees to offer a wide variety of treatment and competent administrative process. Dr Mark incorporates the latest equipment and technology in his surgical procedures to cut down recovery times and ensure minimally-invasive choices. With injectable wrinkle-fighters, laser procedures and intense pulse light, he minimises discomfort and provides brief recovery time. Such processes facilitate psychological and aesthetic benefits which leave his patients feeling and looking better.

Dr Mark Mofid is famous for his butt implants. For Implantech, he created a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant. This design changed butt implant surgery because it gives the implant a natural look and has more comfortable positioning too. Mark learnt everything about butt implants from Dr Raul Gonzalez in Brazil, who according to some is the best buttock implant surgeon in the world. Dr Mofid performs intramuscular implant surgery, and though he takes into account the patient’s preferences, he declines to overdo the process to avoid future complications for his patients.

Half the work of Dr Mark Mofid entails working with breast and skin cancer survivors in addition to patients with severe facial trauma, on whom he performs different reconstructive and microsurgeries. The procedures allow trauma victims and cancer survivors to look and feel normal despite their traumatic events or illnesses.


Adam Milstein; Master of All

Adam Milstein is a renowned personality due to his philanthropic works through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. His main aim is to strengthen the Jewish people and American-Israeli community. Adam Milstein who is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties is capable of many things including being an author. His work as an author ranges from topics on philanthropy to enriching the Jewish community to harmonious living and condemning anti-Semitism.

Milstein’s recent piece on The Times of Israel,’ Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges With Israel in Our Hearts’ advocates for the rise of pro-Israel activists who will lead in the fight against anti-Semitism.

Throughout history, the Jewish community has been faced with challenges that saw several individuals step up to the task to secure an independent Jewish state. The most memorable and devastating incidence was during World War II when the Jewish community was fighting the Nazis. Adam Milstein points out the need for mentoring and supporting young pro-Israel activists who will fight for the peaceful existence of the Jewish Americans.Adam Milstein is keen to state how The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns have affected the unity of the State of Israel from the Jewish family globally, particularly the Jewish Americans. Adam Milstein who is also an activist seeks to establish strong grounds for future leaders of Jewish people in the diaspora. These leaders will need to be passionate and hardworking to inspire the next generation.

Adam is all for the growth of the Israeli-American people and is against the move by the BDS to divide the Jewish Americans from the Jewish homeland. Adam is among the many influential leaders of the Jewish community and continues to support the young generation who he believes is the change the community has been waiting for.

The welfare of the diaspora Jews hangs in the balance unless the Israeli-American community invests in their own Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir of the modern days. Adam reveals that being such a leader will require more than sacrifice as they may have to faces difficult decisions and face isolation.


Energy and Humanitarian Group – Stream Energy

The Hurricane Harvey affected many Americans, those who did not lose their lives, lost their homes, properties and even their pets. The United States of American government, as well as their neighbors, could not do much to save lives. Stream Energy was among the first organization to show their humanity by using their money earned from the sale of oil and energy to financially unburden their affected clients. Stream Energy does not only deal with energy selling, but charity work is part of their organization’s DNA. For many years the energy firm has been involved in philanthropic activities all over Texas as well as the United States of America, but recently Stream officially launched their Stream Cares which is a charity department for the group.

During the Hurricane Harvey, Stream showed their difference and even built their brand by going an extra mile to give more than cash to the victims. It is considered as a new process when an organization launches a charity department separate from their business activities. Stream Energy took that big step and it has respect from the community as well as their clients. Firm giving is not a simple issue instead it gives the organization a high profile as it is highly publicized. It is considered selfless, and it also comes with a benefit when the organization is hit by scandals, or even when their profits fall. The Dallas based firm has built their connection with the Red Cross the Habitat for Humanity, their employees as well as the corporate leaders who have been helping the company reach the community through their giving.

Stream Energy is a direct selling energy company which was created in 2005. Ever since the foundation of the organization Stream has been experienced a tremendous expansion. The energy firm began by selling energy by word of mouth and now it has expanded their services to other locations including Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Washington D.C, New York, as well as Pennsylvania. Stream Energy has also gone ahead to offer additional services including wireless, home services, and protective services. The Dallas based energy firm work hand in hand with other affiliates who assist the organization in marketing their products as they better their lives and that of others.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s technology-centered medical aesthetics

Dr. Mark McKenna is a recognized entrepreneur and a medical doctor. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of OVME Company that he launched in 2007. His company mainly focuses on health problems faced by patients. Besides, he is a well-known humanitarian who supports the community. Indeed his company, OVME, partnered with A Wish Foundation Company to give back to the society. Additionally, he is an active member of Entrepreneurs’ organization. Regarding his education, Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. Later, the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners in Surgery and Medicine certified him.

Immediately after his university education, he started practicing his medical profession at his father’s clinic. Initially, he assumed that medical professionals would generate huge cash. Nevertheless, Dr. Mark McKenna found that his passion was in real estate investment but not in medicine. Consequently, he began venturing into real estate businesses in New Orleans where he made huge cash. Unluckily, he lost a lot of millions in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina. He gradually reconstructed the company, but he dissolved it later and put up a new company branded as the ShapeMed Company. The company offered make-ups treatments, and it was located in Atlanta. In the year 2015, he sold ShapeMed Company. Presently, he heads as well as managing, a technology-centered, OVME Company.

Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME Company with the intention of providing medical aesthetics that incorporates technological advancement. McKenna is devoted to adopt the changing health care that includes technological innovations as well as residents’ health care in Atlanta. Also, patients can consult about health-related problems online using OVME products. Moreover, online consultations will enable patients to confidence in Dr. Mark McKenna’s services. OVME Company will offer several services such as injection of neurotoxins, for example, dermal fillers, and Vivace micro needling among others. In addition to the stated, OVME firm will also offer testosterone replacement therapy and analysis of a patient’s DNA. It is evident that OVME Company will attract many investors due to Dr.Mark McKenna’s outstanding experience and confidence they have in him.



Lawrence Bender; a Celebrated American Film Producer

Bender is a celebrated American movie producer. He has been in the industry of TV, film and entertainment for 20 years now. He has contributed to the production of several movies that have been aired on our televisions. Some of the films that Lawrence Bender has produced include Safe, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Good Will Hunting, Jackie Brown and Inglorious Bastards among others. Lawrence Bender also takes small roles in the movies that he produces. Bender was born in the year 1957, October 17, in Bronx New York. He was born and raised to two parents. His father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. While still pursuing his high school education, Bender was inspired to be like his grandfather. His grandfather was his all-time mentor and a civil engineer by profession. After completing high school education, Lawrence Bender joined the University of Maine.

Lawrence Bender enrolled for an engineering course at the university. In the year 1979, he graduated with a degree in civil engineering, just like his grandfather. After graduating, Bender never practised his profession, and instead, decided to become a dancer. He did this for several years. They travelled for months around the USA performing and dancing in various shows. However, his dancing career was cut short after he incurred a critical injury that made him quit dancing for good.

Lawrence Bender is an environmentalist, and a political activist. He is the co-founder of the Detroit project. Back in the year 2003, he worked with several other environmentalist to try to target and eliminate all in the country.

Bender sits on the Advisory board of the Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is also the dean of the University. While still holding a position in the University, Bender consistently uses his influence to support philanthropic initiatives. He also worked with EPA, Yahoo, Wal-Mart and The Muppets. Lawrence Bender is celebrated by the entire American fraternity for his creative works. He is currently the director of clean source power, LLC and a board member of the creative corporate.


Shervin Pishevar: The Coming Financial Storm

To say that calling something a coming financial storm is a bit scary is the truth. People sit up and pay attention when you talk about a company financial storm though, and that may have been the whole intent of Shervin Pishevar when he went on Twitter to talk about his latest ideas for what might happen in the economy.

Shervin Pishevar is a well-known person for having been one of the early investors in Uber. He believed in the company long before many others even knew that it existed. He saw potential before the rest of us and he took it. His ability to foresee what is coming in the future is something that has won him great praise and admiration. These days, he often takes those talents to his own Twitter account to try to help people understand what he is seeing happening in the economy as a whole.

A recent twenty-one hour, fifty tweet long tweet storm showed the people exactly where Shervin Pishevar stood on a number of economic-related issues. He started it off with a splash by saying that he believes that the stock market is due for a correction of approximately twenty percent or more in the near future. He wants to see people dumping their stocks as quickly as possible to avoid facing that very real possibility. It might sound as if he is pressing the panic button, but the reality is that Shervin Pishevar simply does not want to see people get hurt as a result of what he sees as very likely to happen.

The stock market has climbed to heights that most did not expect. It is not unreasonable to think that perhaps it has gotten a little ahead of itself. It would not be the first time in the world that this has happened in the market. In fact, it is a common feature of stock markets. It happens all the time.

Other assets are not safe either if you listen to Pishevar. He is particularly skeptical of Bitcoin which he believes will fold under pressure and the fact that it does not have a central bank anywhere in the world that backs it up.