Doe Deere – article recap

Vibrant and bold colors are the essence of Doe Deere’s makeup line called Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere first started a clothing line back in 2004 under the same name, but couldn’t find the perfect makeup to go with the outfits. She experimented with different palates with the help of a chemist. She knew that it wasn’t just the colors being presented that caught people’s attention. It was the fact that the cosmetics were both vegan and certified cruelty free. The Lime Crime Cosmetics Company was founded under the precept that makeup should fire the imagination.


By 2008, Deere had found the perfect combination to launch Lime Crime. She would advertise the benefits while promoting the fact that no animals were harmed during production. At first, the collection would consist of eyeshadow, glitter and different types of blush. Promotion of the product was mainly done through online tutorials to help customers look their best. Customers started clamoring for the products once they noticed the results for themselves.


Her passion shows with her makeup lines. She loves being able to experiment with different colors that bring out the individual’s beauty. Every day is an adventure to find out what the customer really wants and fulfill their needs. Deere recommends that even a bad review can prove to be a learning experience. Her advice is to take criticism in stride and use it to grow.


Lime Crime’s success comes from listening and responding to their customers’ needs. Deere has learned so much from the feedback she receives from her products. Improving products, being interactive on social media and providing a different way to shop for makeup are just a few ways Lime Crime serves its customers. Their motto is to revolutionize how people shop for makeup. Lime Crime sets beauty trends that have the beauty industry talking.


Deere feels that having the freedom to make color choices is priceless. Deere knows that in order to capture customers you have to give them something no one has. Deere’s work consists of fairy tale inspired cosmetics that make you feel happy.


Lime Crime supports a number of local charities. Girls Inc is one of Lime Crime’s major supporting charities. Deere feels it is important to support fellow women entrepreneurs and does a lot of work with HOLA for kids. Animal shelters hold a special place in Deere’s heart. She supports the Bideawee animal shelter and works with Adopt NY.


Recently Lime Crime introduced a semi-permanent hair dye. Unicorn Hair is an unconventional line that promotes bright blue, purple and pink hair that sure to stand out in a crowd. Deere believes that people should be free to wear whatever hair color they want to wear. Employees are encouraged to try Lime Crime products themselves and share with their friends and family.


Lime Crime’s innovative line of cosmetics does have people talking. The line is very popular with Generation Z because they are uniquely poised to embrace the cosmetic line.


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