OSI Food Solutions Doubles Its Chicken Production Capacity

World’s leading supplier of quality value-added food products, OSI Food Solutions intends to double its chicken production capacity to the meet the soaring demand for chicken products worldwide. Started in 1906, the food company has for many decades been supplying food products to some of the leading retail and food service brands in the world. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and it presently has more than 65 food processing plants across the world. It is ranked among the largest privately-owned firms in the US.

The firm intends to take advantage of the increasing demand for various chicken products by doubling its chicken production as well as production capacity. Currently, some of its chicken products such as nuggets and patties are offered by many leading fast food chains across the globe. McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Burger King are some of its leading clients.

As an effort to boost its presence in Europe, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Food, a Dutch-based firm that has been providing a wide array of deli meats and convenience foods in Europe. Baho Food also has several food processing plants and subsidiaries in Germany. With its acquisition of the Dutch-based company, which took place two years ago, the firm is now well positioned to meet its clients’ needs in various European markets. The firm also seeks to venture into 20 other European nations.

This year, the firm completed a historic merger with an Australian poultry processor , Turi Foods, which is presently known as The Turosi Pty Ltd after the acquisition The two firms will now be supplying fast-service restaurants, retail outlets, and food service markets throughout the Asian Pacific region with quality food solutions to meet consumer’s needs. The Chairman of Turi Foods, Sam Cuteri, noted that Turi Foods was delighted to have the dedicated teams of the two firms serve the increasing number of clients in Australia. Already the firm has several processing facilities in Victoria and across Australia.


With its plans to increase its chicken production capacity, then OSI Food Solutions is ultimately set to be the leading supplier and processor. It will further enhance its capacity to meet the global market with high-quality poultry products.



About the group

The OSI Group is a leading International food provider that ensures the interest of the customers is at their heart. OSI Group involves other internationally recognized retail and food service companies enabling them to give customers what they require concerning providing concept to table food solutions. Getting what you want is something that one may not always find, especially in terms of food services. For this reason, OSI Group ensures they give the clients what they want and will do a follow up on the same.

The Company is one of the largest privately owned food providers equipped with financial resources and infrastructure. They offer clients with very broad capabilities to develop, source, produce as well as distribute the different custom food solutions to any destination around the globe.

The company is majorly anchored on entrepreneurial agility and passion which is seen to bring about good ethics and curiosity to customer partnerships.

Services that OSI offers

  • It ensures that there is an efficient and trustworthy supply chain which is competent.
  • The staff has an exceptional international knowledge of flavors.
  • They have unique custom food solutions created to the customer’s needs.
  • They offer an inventive design and research facilities which are a source of bringing the menu and meal ideas to real life.
  • The group has excellent food quality and safety assured to their clients.

OSI Group follows the following core values that guide them

  • The group always looks to improve, and are not always in their comfort zone.
  • They seek partners, whom they can build a good relationship with, in their business.
  • Every member of staff and individuals work as a team to ensure the company is successful.
  • There is always the exploration of new solutions.
  • Whatever is done by the staff is for the benefit of the institution.
  • Every person in the Group is driven by integrity.

The operations of OSI Group

The Group is, however, an international company with over 20,000 employees, and is believed to have over 65 facilities in 17 countries. The main goal is to ensure that it produces quality food and give customers value for their money all over the world.