Betsy Devos and her Education Reform Movement

Parent and philanthropist Betsy DeVos has made school choice a fundamental part of the agenda she’s promoted as U.S. Secretary of Education. Although she is a conservative Christian herself, her interest in charter schools and other educational institutions tailored to meet the specific needs of parents, students and community they serve is not restricted to religious academies. In 2017, she stood shoulder to shoulder with Armando Christian Pérez—who may be better known by his name de rap Pitbull—to show support for the charter school that Pérez has opened in Miami.


Charter Schools and Florida


Florida is one of the most supportive states in the nation when it comes to school choice. Since 2000, The Sunshine State has allocated more than $760 million of its educational budget to charter schools. Approximately $179 million of this amount has gone to charter schools in beleaguered Miami-Dade County. Schools use these funds for a number of different purposes, including construction, rent payments, school buses and the cost of property insurance. Florida also sponsors an innovative tax-credit scholarship program that supports parents in their quest for educational choice.


Pitbull’s Miami charter is called SLAM, which is an acronym for its emphasis: sports leadership and management. Pitbull started the school in 2013, and the tuition-free school currently serves students in grades 6 through 12. Pitbull has subsequently gone on to establish a number of charter schools in conjunction with the nonprofit Mater Academy.


Betsy DeVos’s Florida Roots


Betsy DeVos has strong ties to Florida. She and her husband, businessman Dick DeVos, own a home in the Sunshine State, and the DeVos family owns the Orlando Magic basketball team. In the talks she gives around the nation, Mrs. DeVos has frequently singled out Florida as a national model for charter schools, school voucher programs and other forms of school choice.


Betsy and Dick DeVos’s 501(c)(4) organization, the American Federation for Children, has been an important ally for progressive Florida parents and politicians who are interested in school choice. The American Federation for Children has seen success in other states, too, particularly in Louisiana and Indiana.


Betsy DeVos does not see educational choice as a partisan issue. While it’s true that educational choice initiatives have been primarily linked to the Republican party in the past, Mrs. DeVos points with pride at the fact that Democrats are increasingly finding value in them. As Mrs. DeVos sees it, the new-found freedom that parents enjoy to send their children to schools that reflect parents’ own values is the result of a grassroots effort.


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Matt Badiali: Invest With a Trusted Geologist

Many of the wisest investors will advise people to invest in things they understand. Matt Badiali is a perfect example of taking what he learned in his area of expertise and using that knowledge in the financial arena. He earned his master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He built a solid career as a geologist traveling to many different countries and getting a first-hand look at oil producing wells and mines. He gained much industry knowledge interrogating CEOs of some of the top tier energy suppliers in the world. He was working toward a Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina when a friend introduced him to finance. It was at this moment Matt Badiali realized he could use his extensive knowledge in the resource sector and assist the average person in being able to take advantage of some of the enormous gains successful investors can achieve in the resource space.

After the financial crisis of 2008, Matt Badiali invested heavily in a resource company selling at just pennies a share and sold the shares in 2010 for a 4,400% profit on his investment. He has a newsletter that came out in 2017 called the Real Wealth Strategist and has helped some subscribers who followed his work make some hefty rates of return. His more recent investment opportunity Freedom Checks have been met with some skepticism and numerous sites have questioned their legitimacy as an investment. When investing money is concerned, there are always scam artists who will trick people out of their hard-earned money.

The “Freedom Checks” being pushed by Matt Badiali just involve investors buying shares of Master Limited Partnerships. Due to the tax code, these companies are not required to pay federal income taxes, which results in higher profits. The higher profits enable the companies to pay larger distributions to their shareholders than a typical dividend paying corporation. Most of the companies that meet the qualifications to be an MLP are involved in the oil and gas industry. Matt Badialis experience working within the energy industry have enabled him to understand and spot “Freedom Checks” as an amazing investment opportunity that was overlooked by seasoned investors.

Eric Lefkofsky, the philanthropist and entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky, the entrepreneur, research developer, and philanthropist has not only made a huge impact on the business community but has also made a positive mark in the charity-related sector. Eric also devotes large amounts of time towards establishing charitable foundations to share his success with his community. The co-founder of many successful companies like Groupon, Uptake, Tempus, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorking, Eric has also invested in many startup companies by way of his another organization he co-founded, Lightbank. Lightbank is a venture capitalist organization that focuses their financial efforts towards companies who develop distributive technologies.

Dating back to 1973, the Lefkofsky family has been involved in charitable efforts. Susan Kramer who is Eric’s mother in law founded the Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). ABTA is a nationally recognized foundation that focuses their efforts on providing varies resources that are used to fight brain cancer and support victims of brain cancer. In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz established in 2006 the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF). LFF, since it was established, creates varies opportunities for underserved communities by establishing various educational related programs, health care access and ensuring the basic human rights of women and children are not violated.

One of the programs under the LFF umbrella is High School Bound. In Chicago, the competition to have access to a good high school is highly competitive and many families need the assistant in deciding what the best high school to choose is. High School Bound provides various resources to assist families in finding out what resources are offered and what processes to take in order to apply to attend a high school in the city. The Lefkofsky’s has also created The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) in 2001. AUSL is a training oriented organization designed to help educate educators in an effort to create better educational facilities.

The Unchallenged Forex Trading Advisor That Is Netpicks

If you know anything about forex trading, then it must be that it is not easy as it requires a lot concerning informed speculation. No one can be certain that a given currency pair will plummet to dip or remain stable. Enter NetPicks, an online trading company that helps people strategize to trade for a short period and in a smart manner. NetPicks has specifically been catering to forex traders for the last two decades.

For forex traders, being able to buy or sell currency pairs in a devolved market is more than appealing because it provides traders with a strong sense of control of their money and how it gets used.

There are many ways in which NetPicks helps traders. For instance, with the assistance of NetPicks live signal and charts, traders can speculate on the prices of currency pairs, which can significantly increase traders’ odds of making a profit. Due to the decentralized nature of the forex trading market, traders have the opportunity to trade twenty fours a day. The timezone difference between countries makes it possible for traders to move to another exchange once the one they are on closes. As much as spot trade seems to be the most preferred among traders, there is also the option of trading on the forwards and futures markets. This would make more sense among business owners, find out more on

Unlike the stock market, forex trading does not provide many choices for investment, refer to ( This is one of the reasons why the stock market seems to carry a majority of traders.

One of the guiding principles of NetPicks is to ensure that traders understand all the risk factors associated with the currency pairs they choose to trade, check (

As such, NetPicks offers advice to new traders specially to ensure that traders conduct detailed research of the forex market before investing, according to.

Since the emergence of online and day trading, NetPicks has been on the front line offering trading advisory. In fact, many people consider NetPicks as a benchmark in training education. The company takes pride in a staff team of seasoned traders who engage in forex trading on a daily basis even as they educate other traders, source


Heal And Soothe Reduces Inflammation

Chronicle of Week recently published Haley Thompson’s article “Keeping Pain In Check Naturally with Heal and Soothe.” One of the biggest things that can affect a person’s wellbeing is pain. Pain can prevent people from living their life fully by disrupting their concentration, preventing them from being physically active, and it can even impact their relationships.


Chronic pain can be a daily reality for many people. They often simply won’t seek out help because they don’t believe there is a way to cure their pain. They also become concerned that the therapies and medications provided by medical professionals could have dangerous side effects.


Jesse Cannone understands pain. He worked as a fitness trainer prior to starting the Healthy Back Institute in 2003. He had a variety of injuries including knee pain, lower back pain, tendinitis, and scoliosis. The pain impacted his life to the point where he felt he couldn’t do his job properly. This led him to create the Healthy Back Institute.


When speaking with a friend at a conference, Cannone realized that the muscles in his body were out of balance, causing pain in his knees and back. When Cannone began to restore the balance of the body through stretching, he finally found some pain relief. He recognized that many people likely had similar conditions. See This Page for additional information about what people say about Heal N Soothe.


He recognized there was an opportunity to help people in a similar way. As he created his company, he gained a reputation as one of the experts in the field of managing pain. He wanted to help people by helping them understand the underlying problems that were causing pain instead of just treating the symptoms.


Cannone believes the way to relieve pain is through muscle balance therapy. To do so, the company provides holistic approaches to curing pain like their Living Well Nutraceutical’s Heal and Soothe. The supplement helps reduce inflammation, one of the roots of all pain. Inflammation can lead to conditions and diseases like depression, cancer, heart disease, and joint pain. By reducing inflammation, Heal and Sooth helps the body release its constant agitation. Heal and Soothe uses a special enzyme formulation to help the body combat inflammation.


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Designer Consignment Shopping: The RealReal

There are many consignment shops that exist today yet, many of them do not sell designer clothing, exclusively. Perhaps you would question the authenticity of an item if you did find a designer piece of clothing such as Gucci or Louboutin at a consignment shop! Most people are not familiar with how to distinguish real, authentic designer clothing, shoes, and accessories from the knock-offs, which is what inspired Julie Wainwright in 2011 to develop such a business that would weed out knock-off designer items from the real, REAL ones. What started off as a business that Julie operated out of her home has quickly become a 1.5 trillion dollar industry.

Today, the business has over 600 employees and an expert staff that ensures the items are authentic, legit items. The company prides itself on having a NO FAKE POLICY. The values of the company are not only aimed at the buyers but the consignors as well. The RealReal sends drivers to pick the items from the consignor making it convenient for the seller. Most items sell within 30 days!

The RealReal has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Man Repeller, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, InStyle, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Elle, and more. Climbing the ladder of success and fame, the company now has 133,000 followers on Instagram! Like many brands and companies, The RealReal uses their social media accounts to promote their products. On their Instagram, you will find many giveaway posts, items such as purses, shoes, or jewelry, even a $1000 store credit! One post features a black and gold Stella McCartney bag that is being held by a model wearing designer clothing. This is a $1200 purse! To win a giveaway, you must follow The RealReal on Instagram and post or tag a friend in the comments section.

Occasionally throughout their Instagram are fashion quotes related to the lifestyle of the consumers and the fashion industry. Their posts are not only pleasing to look at but absolutely reflect the values of the company. This company has revolutionized consignment shopping by separating themselves from the knock-off market and promising REAL authentic items, for real people.

Jeff Herman Empowering Sex Crime Victims One Case At A Time

Attorney Jeff Herman is motivated by the relief seen in sexual abuse victim’s eyes when they are able to disclose their trauma. The former commercial litigator has been a lawyer for rape, sex abuse and sexual exploitation victims for the last 20 years. During his time as a commercial litigator, Jeff Herman was introduced to a mother who had an incredibly depressing story. Her child with autism was sexually abused at school and he was motivated to help her out. And he has never looked back.


He has founded Herman Law which gives a voice to sex crime victims. It is based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but he and his lawyers are always on the road. He has a dedicated team of lawyers that travel with him and are always on the same page. In fact, he uses cutting-edge software to keep them all focused on the same agenda.


Jeff Herman says that it is a difficult challenge being a sex crime lawyer. Essentially, he has to deal with horrible stories each and every day. But he says that this motivates him to do the best job possible. It allows him to stay focused and energized throughout the day knowing that he is advocating for the rights of victims.


And he’s always happy to be the voice of survivors if they don’t feel up to the task. It is helping these survivors that inspire Herman to brandish a unique blend of dedication, focus, motivation and empathy.


He knows up close and personal the destruction that sex crimes wrought on survivors. That’s why he would like to dedicate more of his time to sex crime prevention. He believes that he can reach out to professionals across the country in order to educate them on the pitfalls of sex crimes.


Jeff Herman is always focusing on the client’s experience. He endeavors to help each survivor feel empowered using all of his resources. Of course, he tries to win the case, but he does not consider it a success unless the survivor is happy with the entire legal experience from when they initially walk through the door.


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Making Sense Of Good Investing With Fortress Investment Group

Investment management firms of the highest caliber take control of billions of dollars’ worth of assets belonging to corporations, individuals, governments, and other entities and earn their respective owners millions – though more frequently tens of millions instead of just millions in the single-digit amounts of return. Others often borrow tons of money from high-dollar, top-tier, lending-friendly financial institutions and seek to make returns on the margin, the most popular investment strategy of high-risk, high-volume investment firms like hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group takes on both of the above strategies – not to mention tens of other combined with in-depth financial analysis tools and practices. The alternative investment management firm, founded in 1998 by a trio of young financial services employees who quit their then-former places of work, has primarily served clients in the New York City area throughout its 20 years of high-quality operation.

Is there more history behind Fortress Investment Group?

Rob Kauffman, Wesley R. Edens, and Randal Nardone joined forces in trio form to create Fortress Investment Group; an alternative investment management organization located smack dab in the largest city across the United States – New York City, New York.

Some nine years after the investment group was created, Fortress Investment Group released public stock to the world through the New York Stock Exchange, the greatest exchange of financial instruments in the United States of America – if not the entirety of planet Earth.

It’s difficult to believe what all the company has done – like this.

As of the time of publication of this article, the investment powerhouse better known as Fortress Investment Group has more than 70 billion United States Dollars’ worth of various financial instruments, real estate investments, and other valuable alternative stores of both liquid and illiquid value under its management.

Fortress also owns rail lines in South Beach

Miami, Florida, is home to a full-fledged rail line system. The popular public transportation infrastructure is owned and operated by none other than Fortress and Wes Edens, one of its key fund managers and employees.

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Igor Cornelsen Is Always One Step Ahead Of The Market

A smart financial investor has to be on top of their game to stay successful in an ever changing marketplace. One man is defying the odds and making it work. Brazilian born investor Igor Cornelsen has worked in the banking sector to many decades now. He worked at multiple banks including Multibanco where he became their Chief Executive Officer and also was on the Board of Directors. Mr. Cornelsen worked for Unibanco and also Libra Bank PLC. The last bank Igor would work at before starting his own investment firm would be Merchant Bank. He became a member of the Board at this bankd and would spend seven successful years there.

Starting his own investment firm came at the right time because Igor Cornelsen was able to take all of his previous experience and knowledge and utilize it for his own business. First thing every morning Igor checks all the markets to see what they have to offer, especially the European markets. This requires him to get up very early in the morning so he stays on top of his game. With this daily routine, Mr. Cornelsen can adjust his portfolio and such to stay successful. One trend that excites the investment banker is noticing financial trends before anyone else does, keeping him on the forefront of business. One service he finds especially helpful and relies on is Reuters. They have the most up to date news and are not biased at all. That is why he uses it on a daily basis. Mr. Cornelsen finds it personally important to use facts and his own opinions to make decisions rather than rely on other professionals’ opinions to do things.

One strategy helped him grow his business and that is finding out when assets go down in value before others would. This means selling his assets in economies that area going to deteriorate so he doesn’t lose out financially. On the flip side Igor watches and buys assets in countries where they are improving. This has worked out very well for him and Igor Cornelsen continues to use hie expertise to find great financial markets to invest in.

Alex Pall and his Life Singing with the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall was a DJ working in and around New York City as well as in an art gallery before he met Drew and they became the “Chainsmokers.” Alex’s manager at the time was the one who introduced him to Drew. Alex and Drew started working on what kind of music they wanted to do and also on their identity as a band and they would work from 9 am to 7 pm every day as soon as they got together.

Alex and Drew are constantly looking for ways to make their songs intertwine with one another with the same meaning and concepts before they put out an album. Alex is wanting the “Chainsmokers” music to be identifiable to all age groups of people on such a deep level that they will remember their songs of the “Chainsmokers.” This is why Alex and Drew are constantly working on their music themselves.

Alex said he loved working with Halsey because “she has a strong and unique voice and that is the kind of voice he wants for the “Chainsmokers” music.” Alex does not want to keep on doing the same music over and over, he wants every song to be unique in sound. Which is why Alex and Drew are always working on the sound of their songs and on their identity as a band.

Alex and Drew are always making their shows as if they are a festival. How they do that is by having several short acts and by always performing their songs live at all times if at all possible. Alex even said that they are always creating their shows uniquely and always with a new look.

When asked if he thought that the band would ever take time off as a band in the future he said he did not think so. He mentioned seeing other bands who had taken time off from performing and how it seemed they had a hard time getting back what they had had before the band had taken time off as performers.